This is Newest device for a golfer to drive the golf ball for longer distance.
It is called 'Dial-A-Drive' D A D

It's very simple, screw the piece on top of your grip on your driver like this Screwing the DAD into the hole in the top of the grip. DAD comes in 3 different colors

The Red one with 300 yards displayed, Green with 'Rip it' displayed and Silver with 'Bomb it' displayed.

Let me demonstrate how it works, you simply screw this into the little hole on top of the grip of your driver club the turn the dial to your preferred yardage:

Some fairways are a Dogleg and you might only need to hit your drive (turn dial ) to 300 yards, Most really BIG Hitters probably will select ' Rip It' to really take  advantage of the Par 5's, but of course if you really want to maximize your distance you will want to 'BOMB IT" have fun and let the "Big Dawg EAT"!

Ladies we have a Dial-A-Drive for you too!

We have adjusted your yardage, " so you don't KNOCK IT' through those Doglegs - 300 yards, but you can still 'Rip it' and 'BOMB IT'

For only $ 5.95 you get 1 Dial-A-Drive and 4 labels, but for $9.95 you can get 2 Dial a Drive's and 3 additional Labels /1 additional.  Yes a new Dial-A-Drive for every day of the week. You and your foursome will have too much fun !!!!


Also included with that price of $ 9.95 is the Dial a SHOT... works exactly like the Dial-A-Drive , but it is used to have some fun with the rest of the foursome.

Dial-A-Shot screws on top of any club to surprise your buddies when they are not looking , you can sneak a Dial-A-Shot on their club and dial up a SHANK , DUCK HOOK OR CHILI DIP.

Again have some laughs at your buddies expense.. this comes with 2 additional cover labels , Grey and Blue and 2 dial label with Chili Dip/Shank/Duckhook .

Coming soon: Be on the Look out for Dial-A-BEER, Dial-A-Wine, Dial-A-Shot of your favorite shot of Liquor!