The SkyTool Best Golf Device

"SkyTEE better golf"
No one wants to 'hit a golf ball off of an artificial surface (golf mats), but a lot of us have to. Unfortunately, this does not give the golfer much feedback for 'good shot making", but now there is the SkyTool.

The Perfect tee for hitting off of mats improves STRIKABILITY 50% !!

Typically hitting golf shots on Mats can cause wrist injuries, bend golf shafts out of alignment, or slows your clubhead down. This does not provide the valuable feedback needed to improve your golf game. Because of the difficulty of trying to hit a ball on a hard surface, there is no 'give' on an artificial surface, so with the SkyTool which is the perfect height for striking golf balls on Mats and eliminate a lot of the friction and frustration of trying to hit good golf shots off Mats.

The SkyTool is stack-able for hitting Drivers, 3- 5 woods or your favorite Hybrid club.


SkyTool Practice and Warmup Device

Eye hand coordination improves when striking SkyTool by itself , because of the size it makes the golfer focus more when attempting to strike properly, the SkyTool is the size of a quarter which is about 5 times smaller than a golf ball.

SkyTool is a great tool for warming up on Mats and grass, because their flight is only fly 10 -15 yards, they are very retrievable in a private area, by an open area behind an practice area, next to chipping or putting areas. A proper strike will give you the feel of a golf shot and maintains its flight according to the direction of your normal flight , if you draw the ball (hook) the SkyTool will maintain that flight , if struck properly the SkyTool creates a "whistling sound" confirming a solid strike .

Striking a smaller object like the SkyTool follows the theory of using a smaller objects increase focus, great example of many a successful baseball player as a child practice hitting small pebbles with a wooden stick elavating their focus and concentration based on a small size. Easy to use in the backyard, back deck or even indoors if you have enough clearance to swing a golf Club.

The SkyTool also comes in a 'Glow in the Dark ' translucent material... so have some fun on the back deck at night. Put down a pad and strike the SkyTool into the back glows in the dark and the flight is really cool, looking, like 'FIREFLYS' and they Whistle into the night sky. They are very easy to find in the dark.

Sky Tool glow
ST iron